Two pain docs arrested for urine drug toxicology testing fraud

PPSA patients waiting in line (Fox10 News)

Patients waiting in line outside PPSA on May 21, 2015 (Fox10 News)

“We are committed to the highest standard of patient care.”  That is a quote from the website of Dr. John Patrick Crouch and Dr. Xiulu Ruan of Physicians’ Pain Specialists of Alabama (PPSA), who were arrested on May 20, 2015 by federal agents after being indicted on charges of unlawful distribution of controlled substances and healthcare fraud related to urine drug toxicology (UDT) testing.

Unfortunately, not many details are available in the indictment, Department of Justice press release, and various media reports, but I am sure more will come out as the case progresses.  Like other cases involving health care fraud (alleged, proven and/or admitted) I have discussed on the site, the lifestyles of the involved parties is quite fascinating (see below).

Drs. Couch and Ruan were arrested as part of “Operation Pillution”, a federal law enforcement effort aimed at prescription drug abuse in the southern US. On the day the two were taken into custody, federal agents conducted raids on multiple pain clinics and pharmacies in Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Indictment Contents

Distribution of Controlled Substances

In addition to owning PPSA, Drs. Couch and Ruan also own C&R Pharmacy, which I believe is located in the same building as PPSA.


Dr. John Patrick Couch (

Starting in about January 2011, Drs. Couch and Ruan allegedly conspired to distribute and dispense numerous Schedule II controlled substances “outside the usual course of professional practice and not for a legitimate medical purpose”.

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Pathology Blawg News Roundup for May 22, 2015

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Quest logo new

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In a lawsuit filed earlier this month, health insurer Aetna seeks to recover "tens of millions" of dollars from Health Diagnostic Laboratory (HDL) and its sales contractor Bluewave Healthcare Consultants, claiming they paid illegal kickbacks to physicians and encouraged them to order unnecessary tests, and provided unlawful inducements to patients. This lawsuit follows closely on the heels of the announcement from the Department of Justice that HDL will pay at least $47 million and could … [Continue reading]

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